As a big and 100% domestic family who does his job with passion; to meet the needs of our customers' autogas and fuel with a quality and safe service concept across Turkey.


To be one of the pioneer and top 7 companies in the industry.


Tarafsızlık ve Bağımsızlık:

Our way of thinking independent of our prejudices. Our realistic reporting system.


The most important value that Guvenal Gas has been named and fully reflected on its brand is of course "Trust".  All relationships between Guvenal Gas employees and their customers are ascends on the basis of Trust.

Etkin İletişim

We prepare the basis for the emergence of different ideas and respect them. We takes into account the opinions and suggestions offered by our customers and provide timely feedback.


We have an identity that prioritizes respect for human beings, the environment and the law, demonstrates a fair approach to customers and employees.